I am a British Catalan artist. I was born and grew up in England where I studied Design at Goldsmiths College, University of London, before moving to live in Barcelona in 2005. In 2011, I completed a three-year Masters in Art Therapy at Metáfora Art Therapy Studies Centre, affiliated with the University of Barcelona. This, together with being a mother of two young children, has served as inspiration for my artistic work. I currently run periodical workshops at Metáfora about my artistic process. My work draws on the concept of inner worlds and my art therapy training.


Born in UK, 1982
Lives and works in Manlleu, Barcelona, Spain


My artwork consists of sculpture, painting and installation. Much of my inspiration stems from relationships; how we understand and live with the other and with ourselves in our different realities. I find inspiration in psychoanalytical theories on the early mother-infant relationship, concepts like secure attachment, differentiation, protection and overprotection, and repression, themes that form some of the fundamental pillars of our personalities and which determine our future relationships. My work depicts the sensations and feelings that arise from these themes, which can take time to understand.

Many of my pieces make recurrent reference to the human body through organic forms. Abstract allusions to the human body; breasts, vaginas, uteruses and skin, can be insinuated in the shapes and curves of my paintings and sculptures. These references do not dominate the works, but rather are suggestive and delicate elements. ‘Skin’ is a concept that is often present and which I work with through the use of tights and the strongly textured surfaces of my paintings. It is both a literal and symbolic division between the interior world that exists beneath it and the exterior world, which we have to live with. Our skin marks our limits. It shows where we finish and everything else begins. How we manage the coexistence of these two worlds determines our mental health and emotional stability.

Art therapy

I periodically give workshops and presentations about my creative process at different centres and events, both in Spain and outside, including: Metafora, Art Therapy Studies Centre in Barcelona, the Manlleu Galeria d’Art contemporary art exhibition and the International Conference of Art Therapy at Queen Mary University, London (presenting a paper titled, ‘The Artist in the Art Therapist; a Journey of Personal Discovery’). For more information please contact