The Wound 2015-2021

When a child is born so is a mother. She opens and this opening can bring with it a wound or a reactivation of old wounds, bringing her into contact with aspects of her shadow, things forgotten, rejected or not recognised. It’s a moment that can lead towards a profound happiness, absolute commitment and unconditional love, or towards an insoluble desperation and unnerving destabilisation. Our wounds send us on both pathways simultaneously. During our lifetimes we develop protective scars, which, from the very moment of conception, defend against the blows of the external world and the reactions from the internal one. They are at once a strength that can save us or a weakness that allows the exterior world to attack where we are most vulnerable. They are inextricably linked to life and death. The paintings depict these wounds, this dichotomy between accepting the pain, and using it to move forward, or giving in to it. Our wounds can be life-giving or capable of gradually destroying us.