Eternal Feminine

'Eternal Feminine' is a homage to womanhood. There is the woman who laughs, the woman who cries. The wise, galactic and enlightened woman. The erotic and sensitive lover. The masculine, feline and courageous woman. The confused, trapped and self-destructive woman. There is even the woman that waltzes between the domestic and the wild. The female condition serves as a nexus between raw instinct and subtle delicacy, the physical and pataphysical, lustful Eros and virginal innocence. And, lest we forget, within this contemplative coexistence is the great quantum leap of metamorphosis: from larva to frog, from tree to human, from human to universe.

Eternal Feminine opens a door to another reality. The work is imbued with a dreamlike quality. The artist’s pictorial combinations invite us to enter the oniric realm; after all, dreams are also a kind of collage, in which recognisable elements are blended together in unprecedented and surprising ways. The borders between the natural and supernatural are removed and we rediscover a dimension of ourselves where everything coexists, everything interrelates, unaffected by hierarchy. Here, everything is pure presence, pure beauty, pure magic. Pure weightlessness.

Maria Pilar Fenés

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